Living Liberty United

We are a Group of Constitutional Liberty-minded people who are also like-minded in our concern

that our elected officials are stepping beyond the bounds that were set for them

in both our State and our Federal Constitutions.

Our Mission

IDENTIFY the harms and grievances that have been caused by the abuse of powers by our elected officials and their agencies,

INVESTIGATE the unlawful behavior that produced these harms, and,

INITIATE prosecution by both civil and criminal lawsuits to hold these public "servants" and other agencies and offenders accountable for their actions and prevent this from ever happening again.


Help us to stop governmental overreach and abuse of your rights by contributing to our cause.

Memorial Day 2020
Indianapolis War Memorials

We want FULL REOPEN, our Grievances with
and the breach of Constitutional Authority, to NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!

Several Liberty Speakers


Some of the Liberty groups that will be represented:

Citizens for Living Liberty United         Hoosiers For Liberty
Stop Government Overreach in Indiana!
Church of God          The Corydon Tea Party
Grassroots Conservatives           Conservative Alliance