About Living Liberty

We are a Group of Constitutional Liberty-minded people who are also like-minded in our concern that our elected officials are stepping beyond the bounds that were set for them in both our State and our Federal Constitutions.

We are a not-for-profit Organization which purpose is to investigate and pursue lawful Justice in every instance of our freedoms and liberties being diminished or denied by our employees, be they elected or appointed public servants.

Public Servants. This is the key. If the elected is the public servant, then we, who performed the electing, are the Master, and the servant has no authority over the Master than that which the Master wishes to entrust to the servant. The current grievous issues, however not limited to such listed, are among those which we are prepared to research and prosecute to the upmost of our abilities, is as follows:

Any Executive Order issued without due process and therefore unconstitutional, including, but not limited to the recent infringement on our individual liberties of going to work to support our families, the freedom to use publicly funded properties which we have paid for, and the freedom to go where we wish and when we want to go there and do what we wish to do, provided these are not prohibited by Constitutionally legislated Law, and,

Any Executive Order or legislative process, or mandate which denies any individual the freedom to deny the injection of any substance into his or her body or that of the family for whom he or she is responsible, and without any repercussion should any person decide to not comply, and

Any Executive Order or legislative process or mandate which requires us to disclose where we have been, who we have been with, or where we plan to go or whom we plan to be with, or to be forced to receive into or onto our person any type of device which purpose is to follow our whereabouts at any time, and, conclusively,

Any Executive order, legislative process, or mandate which was not first initiated by the due process of We the People and which imposes upon any freedom or liberty which we may wish to enjoy as described in our State and Federal Constitutions.

As Declared,

The Citizens for Living Liberty United


Government simply has no motivation to fix this mess. The chaos provides too much opportunity to have power and to make millions while they are entertained by our petty squabbles.

So, the short story is, only WE can fix this mess. We can stay divided, and make it even bigger and more unmanageable.

Or, we can Unite.

We can't unite with arms. The System is loaded with enough deadly armaments that it could wipe us out with a shrug. We should know. We bought the stuff for them.

That leaves only One, and I mean One option, short of complete surrender. I've done the math, and more importantly, you've all done the math whether you realize it or not.

We the People need to unite and overwhelm this Enemy System with Righteous Law