Board of Directors

Living Liberty United, Inc.'s is directed by passionate and dedicated liberty leaders.
Tim Dyer
Tim DyerChairman[email protected]
Tim, politically, considers himself a “Constitutional Conservative” of no particular party affiliation, though with Our Country being a Constitutional Republic, he would identify with being a “Republican” if the Republican Party were truly Constitutional in practice. Tim, in his 40 year career span, has served in Operations Management, Business Development, Property Management, and National Training & Purchasing.
Andy LyonsPresident[email protected]
Andy Lyons is a father of 4 and a public education teacher who teaches economics , government and US history! He is also the founder of the Grant County Tea Party and Stop government overreach. He was raised and resides in Marion Indiana. Andy believes in the individual not government.
Valerie BarnettSecretary[email protected]
Valerie is an experienced grassroots activist and community group leader. She has a diverse repertoire of skills and experience including acting and directing theater, teaching art and literature classes, business administration, and directing not-for-profit organizations. She is a firm believer of inalienable rights, the non-aggression principle, and in living one's liberty.
Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca CampbellTreasurer[email protected]
Becky is a life long resident of Indiana, having lived in the Shelbyville area and in Indianapolis. Mother of 5, and grandmother to 14 grandchildren, she is a former business owner, and home educator. Becky is professional fine artist, painting in oil, acrylics, and watercolor - with art featured on the acclaimed HGTV series, "Good Bones". Becky is a patriot, and passionate about teaching others to learn more about what they are losing at the hands of the enemies of America.
Andy Horning
Andy HorningDirector of Public Relations
My job is in medical imaging and data technology. But for decades I've felt compelled to don my crimson cape of activism, and campaign for public office and equal ballot access, write articles for an Indiana policy think tank and Indiana newspapers, decry corruption, sue the government, and in quixotic generality, advocate for peace, prosperity, liberty and justice for all.